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'A, J, K, 4... Hang on, is that a D or an O?'

Illegible CAPTCHA image

Sound familiar? These days, when making our way through most websites' registration process, we often face the dreaded CAPTCHA: the fully automated system which delivers a combination of frequently illegible characters that you must bat back before the system will believe you're a human.

Have you ever found yourself squinting at the screen and hitting the 'refresh' option in the hopes that the system will at last display something you have a hope of deciphering?

Captcha Monster is finally here to help those who struggle with human verification systems. It is an easy-to-use, innovative browser add-on that completes CAPTCHA tests without you even asking it to. The add-on was designed with people who suffer from dyslexia and/or sight problems in mind, but also extends to those who are just plain fed up of having to prove they are not a site-hacking machine.

Captcha Monster can work for you in different modes. Set it to its highest level if you want it to routinely weed out CAPTCHA tests for you, ask it to run only when you are filling out forms or simply request it as you need it. With an average solving time of 8.5 seconds, quite often the CAPTCHA window will be completed before you even see it.

Download Captcha Monster today and you can forget all about having to demonstrate you are not a robot. Register now so you can see for yourself just how useful it is.

I suffer terribly with my eyesight and Captcha Monster has saved me so many times. Thanks!

Caroline, USA

Get it now! If you hate form filling, it's a great little time-saver you'll be glad you invested in.

Edward, USA

No more peering at colourful clumps of mangled characters! Thank goodness for Captcha Monster.

Anna, Canada

Part of my job is filling in forms and registering on sites and this device has saved me so much time.

Bob, USA

What a time saver! Why wasn't this invented years ago?!

Lily, France